Sunday, April 5, 2009

N'est ce Pas Sunday, April 5

I am discovering a holding pattern in my diaphragm region, mostly on my left side.
I have at times called it stress or anxiety, but it is more accurately described as panic or terror.
Left over holding from trauma experienced as a wee one.

So I am tending to it.

And the way I am tending to it is through long slow passive back bends met with deep smooth breathing.  The play is to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system with the back bend while also stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system with the deep breathing.  The hope is that I can retrain my nervous system and believe that I am safe.  Read More about how the  Nervous System.

The Sequence has 8 parts.
An Introduction
A Landing Forward Fold
An Opening Gentle Backbend
A Medium Backbend
A More Demanding Backbend
A Soft Watery Backbend
A Spinal Twist
A Smoothing Out Resting Posture

It should be up on Lulu's soon.  It is a prop happy sequence.

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