Sunday, April 26, 2009

SWG Sunday 10:00am

10 peeps
2 Drop Ins

Played with similar actions as yesterday SWG. Focus on tailbone, sacrum, pelvis and heart relationship in supine, sitting, standing, lunging and backbending.

Heart Opener over Brick

Pelvis Rocking
The Shimmy

Hamstring Stretching with a Strap and Pelvis Work

Transition to Sitting
Sacrum Awareness
Widening the Base. See the Yoga Video.
Simultaneous Opposites. See the Yoga Video.

Transition to Standing Forward Fold
Roll up to Standing
Tadasana Bound with Shoulder Opening. See the Yoga Video.

Tadasana san equipment

2 Rounds Lunge Salutes
Childs Pose

Roll onto Backs

Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose x 2
Cosmic Rest Pose

Eye of the Needle Both Sides
Easy Spinal Twist



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