Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teaching at Krotona Day 3

I had my 3rd class at Krotona on Tuesday. It is a funny thing to be the "visiting hatha yoga teacher". My classes at Lulu's tend to be such a blend of philosophy and asana and stroy but when there is only an hour and our hearts and heads are full from the morning lectures, it seems best to humble myself and simply offer movements for the breath and body.

Uma mentioned Sutra 1.34 in class today, so I took that as my cue.

We started supine with the suggestion to allow the attention to come to the exhale to help it lengthen simply by drawing your awareness there.

Eventually we did a little windshield wiper, pelvis rocking and shimmy.

We rolled up to sitting.
Sukhasana with Pelvis Play, Foreword Fold and Chest Press.

Transition to All Fours
Cat/Cow to Childs Pose

Lunges x 2
Sphinx Pose x 2
Roll over onto Backs

Bridge Pose x 2
Cosmic Rest

Easy Spinal Twist


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