Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uma and Amit Goswami at Krotona April 22

April 22, 2009

The main theme today between Amit and Uma was the idea of "living lightly". Allow ourselves to be less dense of collapsed memories and ways of doing things and operate in the waves of possibility, allowing for insight. Relaxed Awareness.


We arrived 30 minutes late cuz of Class.

As long as the world is "scientific", nobody is going to "let there be light."
the law of science does not believe in miracles.
miracles are "local-exceptions."

Amit presented why Quantum is micro, and not macro.
The unchanging nature of the physical world, gives us a common ground of experience

"When we are not looking, there are waves of possibilities."
[self note: how dies this relate to awareness?]

How do we learn to make a better representation of the subtle?
How as children do we learn to make a better picture?
We learn by making representation first.
Need better representation to make better representations.
[self note: don't we just learn to look more closely]

Do not need to rediscover the wheel over and over.
"to make representations of the subtle" we collapse the subtle?

"I an collapse the same thought over and over again OR I can rethink it"

continuous thought and discontinuous thought are both allowed.
continuous thought is easier, memorized. easier to recall the memory than respond to the new circumstance.

dis continually dominates as we become more refined. so we feel more spontaneous and fresh and new in the supra mental.

5 Archetypes
Love Beauty Justice Truth and Good

basic concept of fundamental thought that it matches our soul.
discontinuity dominates

example mental representation of Love
if we learn about love from our mother, it will be natural for us to repeat that mental memory of love. "imagine the disaster."

"Our difficulty comes cuz we do not look."
recognize that this is not working
"suffering/pain" is the clue
our sense of separation from unity.

"How do we take the Quantum Leap?"

Say NO to the conditioning that is creating the suffering and separateness.

Proof of change is that it does take place.
The belief in electricity example.

I asked question about looking as necessary to see the conditioning and how that relates to "collapsing the possibilities".

Amit pointed towards the idea in yoga of "relaxed awareness."
"focus with ease"
Relax and allow for the insight.

Maria asked: What is calling forth the insight? What is this quality of dhyana? It IS a collapse because there is an insight, but what is happening there?

"It is beyond all this."
pursuing it even when relaxing.

Collapse of a WAVEFORM.
"We" is the conscious observer
Omar Quam Love Poems, "The Longing for God is a Romantic Love."

You have to have the answer.
You grow a longing for the answer.
Either Suffering is so great that you have to get out.
Or you can simply seek Joy. You become so intrigued by the Joy, that you want more, you want to find the source itself.

The Bride and the Mother in Law Slide.

"I am creating the world that I am."

Psychophysical Parallelism
people still talk of the "mind/body" problem"
how can both exist without needing a dual argument
"both mind and mater are possibilities of consciousness, there not dual."

There is a Discontinuous Local Collapse in the 5 bodies from both the Consciousness and Supra- mental Intellect and the Mental, Vital and Physical Properties.

"We choose our possibilities from these places."

Amit presented that he solved this problem 8 years ago in his books:
"Visionary Window" and "Physics of the Soul"

"Quantum" is a scary word to philosophers.



Purnamadah Purnamidam
Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamadaya
Purnameva Vashishyate
Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Essentially, meaning:

That is the whole, this is the whole;
from the whole, the whole becomes manifest;
taking away the whole from the whole,
the whole remains.
Om. Peace! Peace! Peace!

Ghandi said, "if the entire knowledge of the Upanishads were destroyed and this one stanza were to remain, we would still have the entire wisdom of the Upanishads." (or something like that)

the whole gives birth to the whole and is continuous to the whole.

there are no authors of the Upanishads.
"Rishis did not dare put their name on it."
Shruti = wisdom that was revealed to them
Uma mentioned that we owe the study of Vedenta to Shankaracharya.
That up until he recorded it it was an oral history for 2000 years.

She told the story of being sad that she was not born 50 years earlier.
"never doubt the existence of living masters."
"it is thrilling to be contemplating these ancient teachings"

"If we can transform our perception, no other yoga is required."

"in ever manifest creation is the abode of God"
Who's fault is it that we cannot discover it?
The qualities of Divine are Awaress, Intelligence, Blissfullness

"There is Something wrong in your perception."

How do we correct this?

Our suffering comes from ego."ego is the mental construct/creation of the mind"

BG defintion of the Ego:
chit jada granthi
chit: consciousness (chitta/mind comes from chit)
jada: body
granthi: knot

ego makes the unlimited consciousness feel as if it is tied to the body

"when thoughts become silent, consciousness shines through."
"mind is nothing but a flow of thoughts"

in an enlightened man: mind hardly gives rise to thought
ignorance: continuous flow of thoughts, helplessly thinking

meditation: create space between thoughts
not emptiness: FULLNESS

"as long as we do no see divine in another person, we will interact superficially"

our psychological suffering comes from comparison and competition
we suffer when we feel superior or inferior
[story of the boy who would not talk]

"so easy to destroy, so hard to heal."
"so easy to rupture some body's dignity."
"so difficult to return it back."

[story of the Sanskrit pHd woman]

"Find out what is good in yourself"
our society is expert in showing the negative.

parents criticize children 80% of the time
"Let aspects of your soul that you want to be expressed to be nurtured."

"What are the positive attribute that each one of us has?"

"Yoga Therapy"

"Weaknesses will be there in your personality, ignore them. dwell on the positive aspects." RK

Our positive attributes are hard to know.
Easier to Narrate the weaknesses.
Very few people know their good qualities
swa - self
dharma - properties/Laws of Being

people with positive mental health
All happy and successful people have 16 qualities in common.

"offer a loving observation"

Betsy asked the question of how as a parent to approach the 20%
everything can be clothed in dignity. so many children have shattered diginity. hurting the dignity is an act of violence.

What makes us Violent?
negative emotions are subtle shades of violence. none of us want to be violnet.
Root out the seed of violence.
Root out seed of violence in competitive instinct.

"Competitive instincts is what makes us undignifed human beings."

"Human Beings have to OVERCOME competitive instincts. Part of the Animal Kingdom.

Discussion of the Brain, and the 3 parts.

We need to learn to cooperate.
As long as feel separate, will compete.

How to criticize without being negative?
Do it in dignified language.

The story of Sage Meditating with the Snake.
"I told you not to bite, but I did not tell you not to hiss."

"the bite comes from our own emotions."
"how do we prevent biting"
"don't say anything in anger mood. cool down and then express it."

emotions have births, peaks and deaths.

"don't allow yourself to be exploited."
"we get karma as exploited and exploiter."

the War in Mahabarata
Krishna does not allow for exploitation.

Sometimes we have to fight against injustice.

Purification and Refinement
Chitta Shuddhi
Mind Lightness

"The more light we are, the more divine consciousness can come through."

"Learn to live lightly in your body and mind as a quest."

"We suffer when we assume too much responsibility."

the traveling life is more of a quest.
"don't stick to too many memories, let them go"
"the lighter we are, the more we can be happy."
"the masters liver very lightly."

4 Main Branches of Yoga
- Jnana
discover the divine in others. give up habit of criticism, judgement
cultivate habit iof loving observation
be in tune with your own divinity and tune to their divinity, healing happened

"lecture creates problems, better to sit in holy silence"

"the more centered we are, the more healing can come through us."

"doing the greatest service in perception."
"when we observe, can we bring in the aspect of Love."

Bliss Body has 5 properties
Priya: that which is lovable
"if we want to discover happiness in wold, it is possible."

"don't covet another's property."

Viveka: emotional maturity
Who are you?
what kind of life do you want?
internally honest
be ruthless in honesty

[story of the housekeeper]

[salt and water story]

Raga Yoga
to train our concentration

to purify our emotions

to purify our actions

Homework: Read these 3 upanishads
  1. Taittirīya (KYV)
  2. Īṣa (ŚYV)
  3. Māṇḍūkya (AV)
Raga Yoga
Pantajali's Yoga Sutras
using the Mind to turn the mind
Weak Concentration is one of the causes of suffering.

8 Limbs

sama: same
dhi: intelligence of the heart

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