Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help of Ojai Class

I subbed for Tucker today.

Alana was originally going to teach but was feeling out of sorts, so she stayed to assist, thank goodness.

Several "old timers", but it was the 2nd class of a new session and there were 2 brand spanking newbies and two that had not been in the class for a long time. One of them with an oxygen tank. One with such bad anxiety that she is shaking.

During this class, 2 women expressed the desire to die. One woman said she missed her husband. It was emotionally full and expressive.

Alana helped the woman with the O2 tank get comfortable and the rest seemed to know how to make themselves comfortable on a bolster and lie down. I waited. I did not try to rush. I just allowed the room to feel like it was settled and that everyone was present. And I prayed inside for help.

Eventually I guided the group to bring a wee bit of attention to the breath and the 4 parts, but my instruction was minimal.

Pelvis Work and The Shimmy
Eventually we removed the support and lay flat.
We dig Pelvis tipping and tucking.
Belly Breath Awareness towards the pelvis.
And "The Shimmy"
They all totally caught the resulting euphoria from this movement. This is when the class sorta became unhinged and all sorts of comments and emotions began flying. We were all laughing hard.

Supine Brick Behind Heart
San Brick Behind Heart

Seated Toe Strap Work
Ankle Strap and Thigh Brick
(This is what I have been teaching in my "regular" classes and it seemed okay, but it was asking a lot.)

Transition to Standing
We tried Tadasana all bound up, but it was asking too much. The balance was too difficult for many so we stuck with block between thighs for most of them. Some could do the ankle strap and block.

Tadasana san equipment but with memories of tension.

(this was really my peak pose)

Wall Work
Shoulder and Chest Opener

Right Angle Pose
(Demo and Repeat)

Tadasana one more time.

Transition back to floor for Restorative Savasana with Bolster under head and strap around knees for Watering the Sacrum Pose.


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