Saturday, May 9, 2009

SWG Saturday 10:45am

13 Peeps
1 Drop In

Familiar group but a lot of diversity in physical ability and speed. I have a few cats that come to this class and getting up and down off the floor is a big deal. So there is some waiting time between, "come up to standing" and when everyone actually does. This is good for me. I tend to move too fast.

Heart Opener on 2 Bricks. See Yoga Video.
Pelvis Rocking. See Yoga Video.
Windshield Wiper
The Shimmy. See Yoga Video.

Hamstring Stretching with Strap

Transition to All Fours
Childs Pose

Easy Side Plank Both Sides
Childs Pose

From all fours to standing

Roll up to Standing

Tadasana with Shoulder Opening and Breath Awareness

2 Rounds Lunge Salutes
End in Childs Pose

Sphinx Pose x 2
Locust x 2

Transition onto Back
Bridge Pose x 2

Eye of the Needle with Pelvis Awareness both Sides
Easy Spinal Twist Both Sides

Cosmic Rest Pose

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