Sunday, May 17, 2009

SWG Sunday 10:00am

8 Peeps

Requests: Sinus Relief and Relief for Hand Cramping
This class was kind of funny. When meeting requests, can sometimes feel a little hodgepodge.
Moved towards Plank and Downdog which I do not usually teach in SWG.

Heart Opener on 2 Bricks. See Yoga Video.
Pelvis Rocking. See Yoga Video.
Windshield Wiper
The Shimmy. See Yoga Video.

Roll up to Sukhasana with Side Bend

Transition to a Standing Forward Fold

Roll up to Tadasana

The Lebowski

Shoulder Openers with Strap

Wise Guy Sequence

Arm Prana Opening
Heart Prana Opening
Hand Prana Awareness

Transition to Wall
Right Angle
(Repeat Sequence with more geeky Details)

Down Dog at Wall x 2

Turn Around

Easy Side Plank
Plank to Dog to Childs Pose x 2
(i was wondering about moving towards Side Plank, but felt like a lot)

Sphinx Pose with Sinus Help x 2
Roll onto Backs

Eye of the Needle
Watering the Heart. See Online Yoga Video.


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