Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uma at Lulu's. Saturday, May 2

Uma has a new format.
" A little dance, a little talk, a little chanting, a little dance..."
So totally delightful. I hope she stays with this and does it at the Crib. (oh no, i am attached!)

I stopped taking notes 2 classes ago. This was a great "decision" but what follows below is only what resonated with me and therefore more personal than accurate.

Today as I listened, I really heard her.
I understood and felt that I can make the leap at any moment into Joy.
I do not need to painfully untie each and every knot.
It does not have to be slow and progressive.
It can be now.
And WOW it is a wild spot to stand on the edge of cliff with that "awareness."

Yesterday, she almost demanded it. Do Yoga NOW. Connect NOW. Like for real. Like really. WOW. Such a difference.

Just as Amit has been saying, the "quantum leap has no intermediate steps." Uma is teaching us to "Leap into Joy". Her whole message is develop the capacity to stay there longer.

Kelly, Michael and John came and played instruments. So much fun!

Today she began with Ganesha.
We chanted and she danced and then lectured.

She again spoke of dance as a holy ritual with a mind of it own. She mentioned that the dance is for the Gods and so the Gods decide if it is going to happen or not. The right side of the "stage" is left clear to allow the Gods to come and they have to if you dance to them. The earth that is danced on becomes sacred. And all that are there are blessed.

After the dance she laughed that dancing on a full stomach is not easy, but Ganesha is sympathetic so made it easier.

She told the most beautiful sweet story of Ganesha and his brother Kartikeya (but she used a different name that I do not remember. You can read different versions of the story here.

Here is one:
Once Parvati asked her sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya to go around the earth in the shortest possible time. Kartikeya trotted out on his peacock on a world tour, while Ganesh stayed put at home, refusing to move out. Just as he got the news that Kartikeya was returning home....
Ganesh got up and circled his parents thrice. When his parents asked him why he did so, Ganesh answered "Mother asked both my brother and me to circle the whole earth in the shortest possible time. For me, you both are the universe". Shiva and Parvati were very happy with Ganesha's answer and blessed him saying that his name would always be taken before any auspicious work was undertaken.

Why only one tusk?
She told us that he was the one who transcribed the MahaBharata from Vyasa. He broke off one of his tusks and used it as the pen.
from wiki:
The first section of the Mahabharata states that it was Ganesha who, at the request of Vyasa, wrote down the text to Vyasa's dictation. Ganesha is said to have agreed to write it only on condition that Vyasa never pause in his recitation. Vyasa agreed, provided Ganesha took the time to understand what was said before writing it down. Source of Image.

She told us of Ganesha as the remover of obstacles. She told us that he is the guardian of the kundalini and rules the muladhara.

Uma used a word, "chid akosha" or something like that to describe the seed of the soul and removing the obstacles to its uncovery. I have not been able to google search anything useful or more clear. I will have to connect with Uschi cuz she took notes.

She reviewed the three types obstacles. (See previous notes)

Then she asked us to share what are our obstacles to Joy?
It was a long list and she addressed each one specifically as well as generally.

Some of the obstacles and their causes were:
Fear: Abhinvesha, fear of death
Stress/Anxiety: Attachment to the Fruits of our Efforts
Laziness: Tamas
Excitement: Attraction to the sensual physical pleasure

"Why do we not protect our peace?"
"Why do we protect our home, our possessions, etc. but not our inner peace?"
- Because we have not really taken the time to taste it and experience it. We have not become intimate enough. We do not know how to stay in it. We do not have the stamina. We are more comfortable and familiar with the negative. We are more practiced at it.

The suggestion of Ramana's Practice of "Who Am I?" Inquiry for one Month
"Why do we spend so much time doing other things but we cannot take one month to inquire into ourselves?"

The continual emphasis on the Mystic Path of NOW. Instantly. Choose JOY NOW.

We danced and Sang to Krishna and then took a Break.

When we came back, the emphasis was on "The Psychology of Happiness"
How to connect with the DIVINE and LOVE.

She spoke of the Bhakti Path.
This is her path and she sure makes it compelling.
"Intellect with no love is dry, not juicy"
"it is the Love that flows"
"You cannot teach yoga through words."

Modah (capacity for delight, right side)
PraModah (capcity for ectasy, left side)
Priya (capacity for love, the head)
Ananda (bliss, the trunk)
Brahaman (the support, legs, the whole enchilada)
(I found this link. article 1997b goes into depth on the sources of these words. )

She did a dance to Krishna
We got up and danced to Sita Ram
and then she did one more dance to the Divine Mother

There was much more.


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