Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teaching Yoga B Side; 2nd Weekend. Day 3

Chose Forward Fold (10 Minutes)
Bound Supported Bridge Pose (20 minutes)
Starfish Pose on wood floor (10 minutes), listened to Sweet Thing by Van Morrison

Discussion to pull the topics covered this weekend back in.

Began with talking about the practice and how some peeps felt more comfortable when they were bound than free.

The question of "Is there a difference to feeling relaxed and being relaxed" opened the discussion. This lead to a discussion around the apparent opposites of "diligent practice" and "surrender".

We spoke of the need to make small baby steps when we are wanting to change.

We spoke that when we no longer need affirmation from our students we will not put out so much of the energy that generates that type of "love". Classes might get smaller, but we will have ease in ourselves and more real juice to offer.

We spoke about private sessions.

We spoke about some other stuff.

We spoke about the point of yoga. That possibly the practice is not just about making your life better, but actually realizing the Self. And that as a group, sangha, we are in support of each other and working towards that possibility. I only first came to feel this on Thursday and voiced it for the first time with the group today.

The intimacy of the group allowed me to address each individual question and need. This was very cool. We had been 11 last time we gathered, and that felt intimate, but this even better.

Then we did a practice using chairs cuz one of the teachers needed some inspiration on how to work with her peeps.

A little touch work.

Closing Circle.

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