Monday, May 12, 2008

1:1 Monday

4th Time with Client
We have been working very slowly and gently as she starts to "come back" from a series of traumas. But today she arrived perkier and it felt right to allow it to be a bit more active.

We talked and checked in and ended up starting standing.

Shoulder rolls.
Spring Training Arm Circles

Neck Shrugs
Wise Guy Neck Stretch

Tadasana and Ujayyi Breathing

Wall Splat
Right Angle Pose
(This has not been working for her at home so we took a look at it. The extension in the arms was to overwhelming neurologically.)

So, we went this way:

Shoulder and Chest Openers at Wall
Down Dog on a Chair at Wall
(This worked WAY better. I was glad that this ended up getting done, cuz strength work in the arms seems to be a solid direction).


Transition to Ground

Windshield Wiper
Hip Rotation Play

2 Different Restorative Baddha Konasanas.
We removed the back bend element cuz the stress of the heart opening and the legs opening was overwhelming. So she lay flat on the floor and simply allowed her knees to open with soles of the feet together.

We did one with support under the opening thighs and then one with the strap around the thighs and head supported on bolster.

The second one was WAY better. The watery quality knocked her out. She went deep fast.


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