Monday, August 3, 2009

The Experience of Yoga is Grace

Today, my regular Monday client expressed that after our session on Friday she had felt a profound sense of peace and happiness like never before.

Then, as we all do, she wanted to identify the practices that we did that lead to it.  But the experience of Yoga is Grace.  The conditions are just the preparations with no guarantee of working.

But we did the exact same sequence, just in case.

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yogawithaja said...

I am thankful to have found your blog, it’s a pleasure to read. Your name has “come up” for me often in my interweb yoga travels. I just recently watched your interview on iHanuman, which resonated deeply with me. I see that you are located far from New England – but I was heartened to learn you are coming to Kripalu next February! I completed my teacher training at Kripalu and what a joy it would be to learn more of your teachings at one of my favorite places on earth :)

Cheers, Aja