Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Client

We started in Savasana.

She noticed that her neck would not relax so we went from there.

Windsheild Wiper with coordinated and opposite neck Movement

Played with a Viniyoga style of movement taught to be by Leslie Bogart and Brian Dorfmann.
Raising arm over the head with breath
Adding the Coordination of the head turn
Changing the movement of the arm and the coordination of breath to continue to create the need to direct a lot of attention and awareness into the area

Windshield Wiper with Head movements

Supine Utthita Tadasana

Transition to Sitting

Sukhasana Foreward Fold Both Sides
Sukhasana Side Bending Both Sides

Sukhasana Side Bending with Head and Neck Turning Coordinated with Arm Movements

Seated Neck Stretches in Stages

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Opening with Simple Movements
Shoulder Opening with A Strap

Slowly Worked our way to Cow Face Arms with a Strap


Transition Back to Earth

Janu Sirsasana
Marichyasana 3 Variation
1/2 Box Forward Fold
(and other side)

Slow Connective Tissue Stretch Rounded Forward Fold

Heart Opener on 2 Bricks



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