Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stiff White Guys Yoga, Saturday 10:45am

9 Peeps
1 Drop in

Windshield Wiper with Neck Movement
Eye of the Needle Sideliner Play
Eye of the Needle

Hamstring Opening with a Strap

Transition to Sitting

Easy Wimpy Side Bending
Easy Wimpy Twisting

Side Bending "For Real"
Easy Forward Folding

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Opening with a Strap
Neck Opening and Stretching
"The Bobble Head"

Transition to a Wall
Right Angle Pose
Transition to All Fours

Wall Dog x 2
3 Block Headstand Prep Play x 2

Headstand Prep x 2

Impressing the Heart with 2 Bricks


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