Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stiff White Guys Saturday @ 10:45am

13 Peeps
2 Drop Ins

We focused on neck and shoulders and worked towards headstand preparation. A few talking points towards Sutra 1.1 and the point of the yoga techniques.

Windshield Wiper with neck attention
Viniyoga style arm raises and head turning

Transition to Sitting

Easy "Wimpy" rhythmic Side Bending
Easy rhythmic Twisting

Longer Side Bending Both Sides

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Opening
- The Lebowski Arm Circles
- Shrugs
- Shoulder Opening with a Strap Forward and Backward

WiseGuy Neck Opening

Neck Turning

Transition to a Wall

Right Angle
Lunge on both Sides
Right Angle
Transition to All fours

Wall Dog to Childs x 2
Roll up to Standing

Standing Sirsasana Position

Work at Wall with 3 Block Headstand Play
Work in Center of Room with Headstand Prep
(keeping head off the floor and opening the shoulders and developing strength)

childs pose

Transition to a seat
Easy Marichyasana C
Easy Rounded Paschimottanasana

Transition to Backs
Easy Bridge Pose with Block under sacrum
(Some peeps moved to supported viparitta karni)

Easy spinal Twist Both Sides


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