Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stiff White Guy Yoga, Sunday 10:00am

18 Peeps

I got to class late and so was still wiring up my mic as we started. Stayed with the recent neck and shoulder theme and moved to headstand preparation.

Windshield Wiper with neck awareness

Viniyoga arm and neck movement

Transition to Sitting
Easy "Wimpy" Side Bending
Easy Gentle Twisting

Forward Folding
Longer Hold Side Bends

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Shrugging
The Lebowski Arm Circles
Strap Work

Neck Stretching

1/2 Sun Salutations
3 Rounds of Lunge Salutes with Dog and Shoulder Stretching

Cow Face Arm Stretching

Transition to Dog
Childs Pose
1/2 Headstand Play

Transition to Backs
Bridge x 2

Eye of the Needle
Easy Spinal Twisting


1 comment:

yogawithaja said...

Lebowski arms circles? Those sounds fun - do you get to drink a white russion while doing them?