Saturday, September 12, 2009

1:1 Saturday

I had two clients this afternoon. Both have been in debilitating humbling pain this summer.

Today I allowed the yoga to present itself as appropriate.

The yoga practice can be approached as simply a form of physical therapy or it can be approached as a path to Yoga. To allow the session to be an opportunity for Yoga to occur, is to open up to a great deal more than relief of a bulging disc. We suddenly open ourselves up to insight which means that the work has just begun.

Insight into the idea or thought pattern that sits at the source of our pain is a beginning.

The techniques that are prescribed as homework were simply tools to hep keep both women on the track of their own healing.

For the first time I did not feel drained after a FULL day of teaching. Two classes and two private sessions. Something was shifted today. I was relaxed and open and following the guidance completely.

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Martie said...

Awesome post from the philosophical perspective. After having been with Erich all last weekend - where he suggests we open to and be guided by Big Mind or Infinite Mind for our practice -this is exactly what you embodied yesterday! And it is why you weren't tired! It becomes SO much easier when we approach the practice of yoga in this way - we get out of our own way!It is an ah-ha moment indeed!