Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stiff White Guys Yoga, Saturday 10:45am

18 Peeps
1 Drop In

Again, I split for LA right after class for a workshop with Doug Keller at the Hub, so these notes are from memory.

We focused on the movements of the hips and shoulders with Down Dog as our peak pose today.

Impressing the Heart
Windshield Wiper
Hip Rotation Understanding
Eye of the Needle Play

Roll up to Sitting
Baddha Konasana Tailbone and Hip Rotation Understanding
Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Shrugs
The Lebowski
Shoulder Openers with Strap

Ujayyi Breath Awareness
1/4 Sun Salutations

2 Rounds of Lunge Salutes
Transition to Childs Pose
Plank to Dog Pose to Childs Pose
Plank to Dog to Belly

Sphinx Pose x 2
Roll onto Backs
Bridge Pose x 2

Knees to chest
Spinal Twisting


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