Monday, September 14, 2009

The Miracle of Insight

Details continually flow together to set us up for insight.

The latest insight involves relaxing in handstand to allow the weight come down through the arms, softening the Levitor Scapulae.

This comes from a river of recent and long ago encounters:
  1. I was inspired to start geeking out on the shoulders again after reading an article by Doug Keller.
  2. I was lead to the article by a dialogue on Facebook in which Doug said, "An honest student is 1000 times more valuable to you ... than a strong-willed and persuasive teacher; we parrot our teachers, but learn from our students."
  3. I went to LA over Labor Day Weekend to study with Doug at The Hub.
  4. On Saturday we spent time with the Doshas and Assessment. On Sunday we spent 4 hours on the shoulders and 2 hours on History of Yoga Philosophy.
  5. One of the main pieces I took from the workshop was the practice of relaxing the levitor scapula in down dog, pinca mayurasana, sirsasana and
  6. A client on Saturday had the insight that she was not allowing her legs to hold her up...that she did not trust them for support. She created the opening for me.
  7. I watched a video wtih Patricia Sullivan from Crib 07 explain that the Sacrum is like the Keystone of the Arch for the Legs.
  8. On Friday I was practicing Handstands. I imagined the architecture of the arch. I felt the region of the levitor scapula as a triangle like the sacrum. I allowed it to be the keystone and I relaxed and all of a sudden I got the dopey easy gooey feeling and I was balanced.
  9. On Saturday I tried to share this insight, it was not communicated.
  10. I practiced some more on Sunday, baking the feeling in more. And drawing from the Rivers of Schiffmann's Heavy Hand Down Dog and Heavy Shin distance from Wall Techniques. Feeling that sense of trusting my arms.
  11. On Monday, this morning, W. got it and hung out in her handstand in a whole new way.

This mystery is continually conspiring to reveal itself. We just have to open our eyes and look.

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