Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help of Ojai Yoga Class with Tucker Adams, Thursday 11am

Tucker teaches the Level 2 Help Of Ojai Senior Class on Thursdays at Lulu Bandha's.

I took the class today. I love Tucker's straight and thorough style and I love to move slowly and deliberately in a class.

Today she really focused on pressing down through the feet.

This is what we did:

Heart Opener with Jalandhara Bandha
(I chose Watering the Heart).
(Some cool language around focusing on the quality of breath and feeling of the mouth)

Windshield Wipers
Sideways Eye of the Needle to Open Hips

Slow groovy Bridge Poses
2 with Brick between legs and one without
Emphasis on pressing down through the feet and activating the leg lines

Hamstring and Front Hip Openers with Hips on Brick

Transition to Standing

Tadasana with Brick between thighs
Utthita Tadasana
(She played alot with the language of pressing and getting light)

Wall Work
Right Angle Pose x 2


Wide Stance Forward Fold with Block
Warrior 2 to Both Sides

Transition to Earth


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