Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help of Ojai Yoga Class, Thursday 11am

First Class of the New Season
14 peeps signed up.
12 came today.

Right before class got a little 'snake bite' from a new student.  This distracted me a bit and created a shrinkage, but I mostly watched it. Why the negative is so attractive is fascinating.

My hit this morning on before class was Revolving Triangle.  That felt like a little much to spring on Day 1, so I started where we left off with Warrior 3.  Using the Hamstring at the Wall Pattern to start to establish shapes and ideas. 

Impressing the Heart
Tailbone Awareness
Hamstring Stretching at the Wall
Extended Supine Tadasana

Transition to Standing

Lebowksi Arm Circles

Wall Work
Right Angle Pose

Repeat with Leg lift in Right Angle (Warrior 3 at Wall)

Warrior 3 Sequence into Center of Room

Transition to Earth
Knees to Chest
Easy Spinal Twist


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