Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stiff White Guys Yoga, Sunday 10am

20 Peeps

Kind of off today.  I woke up disoriented.  I have been uncovering some old deep knots and it feels like i am untethered.  The focus was on grounding down through the legs to connect to the bouancy.  The talking points were at times too personal.  Focus on taking a leap.

Knees to Chest
Windsheild Wiper
Tailbone Awareness
Shimmy x 2

Hamstring Stretches with Feet Against Wall

Sukhasana with Easy Side Bending
Side Bending for Real

Transition to Uttanasana
Roll up to Standing


Arm Stretching @ Wall
Forward Fold @Wall

3 Rounds Easy Lunge Salutes leading towards Crescent Pose

Warrior 2 Dance Sequence

Little Tree

Transition to Earth

Bridge Pose x 2

Eye of the Needle Both Sides
and Easy SPinal Twist

Legs up the Wall as Savasana

Sit @ Wall

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