Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stiff White Guy Yoga, Sunday 10:00am

24 Peeps
3 Drop ins

Similar theme and talk.  The architecture of optimism, the balance of effort and ease.  Relax in the intensity and stay awake in the ease.  Moved towards Warrior 3.  Highly successful today.

Knees to Chest
Windshield Wiper
Tailbone Awareness
Eye of the Needle
Supine Extended Mountatin Pose

Transition to Sitting

Easy Sidebending
Sidebending "for real"

Transition to Standing
Roll up to Standing

Leboswki Arm Circles
Shoulder Rotation
Shoulder Openings with a Strap
Neck Stretches

3 Rounds Lunge Sautes leading towards Crescent Moon

Warrior 3 Sequence with Squats

Transition to Earth
Bridge x 2
Knees to Chest

Easy Spinal Twist


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