Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stiff White Guy Yoga, Saturday 10:45am

15 Peeps
1 Drop In

Focus on shoulders and balance, moving towards Warrior 3. Talking points around the architecture of optimism.

Impressing the Heart
Tailbone Awareness
Eye of the Needle Both Sides
Supta Uthitta Tadasana
Knees to Chest

Transition to Sitting

Sukhasana with Easy Side Bending
Side Bending "for real"

Transition to Uttanasana
Roll up to Standing

Lebowkski Arm Circles

Shoulder Stretching with a Strap

Ujayyi Pranayama
3 Rounds Lunge Salutes

Standing Balancing Sequence towards Warrior 3

Transition to Earth
Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose x 2
Knees to Chest

Easy Spinal Twist


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