Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Wed 7pm

8 peeps
1 drop in

Opened with the invitation to share. 
W shared that she was experiencing a tightening with practice.
I find this to be true for me at different points with the yin yoga practice.  Like I have discovered a deeper layer of tightness.  Cuz it is not like we just get more and more flexible, we are continually uncovering.

Similar sequence as Monday until after swan.  Attention to Breath in the Nostrils in rests and in postures.

Wide Leg Forward Fold, 5 Minutes

Choice of back leg bent with foot towards inner groin or butt.
Front Leg Straight.
Forward or middle Fold
5 Minutes

Sit with Legs Wide, 2 Minutes

Repeat Forward Fold

Sit with Legs Wide, 2 minutes

Transition to Belly
Sphinx or Seal, 5 Minutes
Childs Pose

Swan, 5 Minutes
Childs Pose
Swan, 5 minutes
Childs Pose

Vajrasana Sit for 1 minutes

Transition to Backs

Eagle Spinal Twist, 5 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Knees to Chest

Choice of lying down or sitting up for Alternate Nostril Breathing (without the hand).
Continue Sitting or Lie Down.


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