Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stiff White Guys Yoga Saturday @ 10:45am

21 Peeps
6 New Drop Ins

Again, slow to start cuz of layout of mats and the numbers. Similar talk of play of effort and ease and the point of yoga. We know we are n the right path because our lives start to feel more meaningful and joyous no matter what is happening.

Impressing the Heart
Windshield Wiper
Tailbone Awareness
Supine Extended Mountain Pose

Transition to a Seat
Easy Side Bending
Side Bending for Real

Transition to Standing
Easy Uttanasana

Roll up to Standing

Lebowski Arm Circles
Shoulder Rotation Awareness
Shoulder Opening with Strap

3 Rounds Easy Lunge Salutes moving towards Crescent Moon

Warrior 3 Standing Sequence with Malasana

Transition to Earth

Bridge Pose x 2
Knees to Chest
Eye of the Needle on Both Sides

Easy Spinal Twist on Both Sides
Knees to Chest



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