Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Class at Krotona

Tonight I had the opportunity to work with the Theosophical Group here in Ojai at Krotona. Thank goodness Alana came to help me.  Alana always makes things magic and it's so helpful to have a witness.  Her feedback was, "Well that gives a whole new meaning to 'on the fly'."  

I was nervous all day and a frog has been sitting in my throat for the last 2 days.  I am so grateful for our relationship with Krotona that I really wanted it to go well.  I called out  to HPV Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Uma, Krishnamurti and Ravi Ravindra for assistance.  Then as I drove there I gave it all up.  

The meeting opens with a piano recital and then a silent meditation.
Then I was asked to start the yoga.

There were about 14 peeps on the floor and 4 peeps in their chairs.

Low Back Awareness
Breath Awareness

Apanasana (peeps in chairs could also do this)
Hamstring Stretch with Straps

Transition to Sides and Come to standing
Everyone got a chair

Standing forward fold on Chair

Hip Opener in Chair
Cat/Dog in Chair
Forward Fold in Chair

Swamp Monster and Hallelujah in Chair
Wise Guy in Chair
Chair Tadasana

Come to Standing
(2 of the peeps that had started sitting came to standing)

Little Tree Pose Both Sides

Transition to Floors
Windshield Wiper


Sit and Close

I am learning not to judge or go over details of a class to much once it is over.  I suppose it went well cuz they used words like "next time we'll mike you" and "we really want to get a class going here" so maybe that means I didn't blow it.

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