Saturday, January 10, 2009

SWG Saturday 10:45am

13 Peeps
2 Drop Ins

I have been teasing the SWG group towards headstand.  Bite size so no body knows really what's happening and then I imagine one day soon, many of them will be able to pop up into headstand no problem.  So today we worked the hamstrings and breath and shoulders and neck and inversions in prep.

Supine on a Bolster
Attention to Breath

Transition to a Sukhasana
Tailbone and Breath Awareness
Side Bending
(Switch Legs and Repeat Other Side)

Transition to Standing

Uttanasana Play with details about the pelvis in Forward Folds

Transition to a Wall
Wall Sequence 1
Right Angle Pose

Around the Clock Shoulder Opener
Repeat Wall Sequence 1


Rocket Dog at Wall 2x with Childs Pose
Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Rotation Awareness
Wise Guy
Tadasana with 1/2 Sirsasana SHoulder Exercise
(Both Shoulders)

Standing Sirsasana Prep

3 Blocks at the Wall
1/2 Sirsasana Play

Vajrasana Meditation on 2 Blocks
(Tailbone to Ajna Chakra Root Pranayama Exercise)

Bridge Pose with a Brick under Sacrum

Back Release



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