Saturday, January 3, 2009

SWG, Saturday 10:45am

9 Peeps
2 New

Supine over bolster with Breath Awareness

Transition to Seat
Easy Send Bend Both Sides x 2

Transition to Standing

Uttanasana Play
Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Shrugs

Wall Work
Sequence 1
Right Angle 
Roll up to Standing

Around the Clock Shoulder Stretch

Repeat Sequence 1

Ujayyi Pranayama
Repeat Sequence 1 with Breath Awareness

Wall Dog x 2 with Childs In Between
Roll up

Shoulder Rotation Awareness
Sirsasana Arm Prep
Inverted Sirsasana

Sirsasana Prep with 3 Blocks at Wall

Childs Pose
Vajrasana (with 2 blocks under booty) Meditation
Pranayama Exercise from Tailbone to Ajna Chakra Root

Bridge Pose Prep 1 and 2
Bridge Pose

Eye of the Needle Play
Easy Spinal Twist


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