Sunday, January 25, 2009

SWG Sunday 10:00am

20 Peeps
3 New Drop Ins

Today was a challenging class. One of the drop ins was new to yoga and 70+ years old. This always makes for an interesting dynamic of tending to her needs without overwhelming her and balancing attention to the rest of the class.

Also, today one of the students "left his body." He has been coming for a few weeks but just told me last week that he suffers from a sort of "seizure" in which he loses consciousness but is still awake. Today I got to see it. While we were in Warrior 2, he fell over. The look on his face was total wonderment. Like a RamaKrishna. He went into the foyer, as if getting ready to leave. I did not want him to go, cuz I was worried about him. So I found myself trying to connect with him and keep the class going. He agreed to stay and I felt relieved. But when his squeeze came to pick him up and I mentioned the incident, he did not remember it happening at all. Tricky.

I am not sure I Will put the video of this class up as I spend a great deal of time talking to him and do not want him to be exposed, but I am curious to watch it and see if I can learn something.

Supine over a bolster
Breath Awareness

Sukhasana with Tailbone Awareness
Easy Side Bending x 2

Transition All Fours
Cat Cow
Barrel Rolls
Childs Pose
1/2 Dog
Rounded Back

Transition to Standing

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Awareness
Wise Guy Sequence
Neck Pull Sequence

Ujayyi Pranayama
1/4 Salutes x 5
3 Rounds Easy Lunge Salutes

Warrior 2 Dance Sequence x 2
(with palm prana ping pong in between)

I thought we would be going towards Side Triangle here, but this is where the man fell and lost his bearings.

Roll up to Standing

Transition to Earth

Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose x 3
Hamstring Stretch with Strap
Easy Spinal Twist


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