Saturday, January 31, 2009

SWG Saturday 10:45am

20 peeps
1 Newbie

Opening Supine
Hand to Big Toe Hamstring Stretch with Strap Sequence
Both Sides

Transition onto All fours
Cat/Cow a few times
Childs Pose
All Fours to Standing
(this might seem awkward but all the old timers pop up from here)

Uttanasana Play
Roll up

Transition to A Wall

Sequence 1
Shoulder Opening
Right Angle Pose
Roll up to Tadasana

Sequence 2
Wall Lunge
Right Angle
One Legged Right Angle
Roll up to Standing

Repeat Sequence 2 Other Side

Turn to Face Center of Room

Pyramid Stage 1 Both Sides
Pyramid and Warrior 3 Stage One Both Sides
Uttanasana and Sqaut
Warrior 3 Play Both Sides
Uttanasana and Squat
Roll up to Standing

Wall Dog x 2
Childs Pose in between
Wall Dog with Leg Lift
Childs Pose

Bridge Pose x 3
Eye of the Needle
Spinal Twist Both Sides
Knees to Chest


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