Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday 1:1

Today the yogini said "It's becoming harder and harder to smoke."  So that seems like it's working.

Supine Heart Opener with Attention to Breath

Sukhasana Side Bending
Forward Folding
and Chest Pressing

Transition to Standing

Shoulder Work at Wall
(We worked on this and in this for a long time).

Right Angle Pose
Uttanasana against Wall
Wall Dolphin x 2
Uttanasana against Wall

Wall Dog x 2 (with leg lifts)
Dolphin at Wall with Block
Sirsasana at Wall with 3 Blocks x 2 (with leg lifts)

Camel at Wall (her facing wall and my supporting her drop back)

Baby Backbend:
Locust x 3
Thai Massage Bow Pose

Flip onto Back
Knees to Chest

Hamstring Stretching with Strap
Windshield Wiper
Assisted Stretching
Easy Spinal Twist


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