Monday, November 24, 2008

1:1 Monday

Again, I had the opportunity to understand the power of breathing.

My client is a smoker and has been for 50 some years.  Her experience of the breath is phenomenal.  Her beautiful blue eyes glow  She feels spacious and open and tall and wondrous.  
We start with an easy heart opener over the bolster and direct awareness of the breath to different spots.

Then we roll up to sitting and move through various side bending to open the rib cage and increase breathing room.  Today was:

Sukhasana with Side bending
Wide Janu Sirsasana Pelvis Understanding, forward folding and breath in back of body
Twisting head to knee pose Stage 1 and 2

Sitting with Breath Deepening and Lengthening
Breath of Fire Play
Breath Deepening and Spontaneous Awareness

We spent about 45 minutes or more on this.
She totally gets the profound connection of breath and spirit.

Then we moved a little

All Fours


Lunge on each side

Roll up to Standing

Ujayyi Breathing
2 Rounds of Easy Lunge Salutes (no dog)

Foot Opening with Block and At Wall

Balance Play
Forward Walk and Side to Side
Little Tree

Transition Back to Floor
Bridge Pose x 2

her whole body was vibrating, so there was no rest.

She is very flexible and sitting is no big deal.

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