Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tucker's Help of Ojai Class

I assisted Tucker today at Help of Ojai.
She taught a brilliant sequence that I hope I can share accurately.

Supine with Blankets under heads for support.
Attention to Breath.
Hands on Belly and attention to creating an abdominal hold on the exhale.  Offering a bit of force to stabilize this region.

Coordinating Legs and Arms.
1. Lift the Legs up and Down with breath
2. Lift the Arms up and Down with breath
3. Coordinate opposite arms and leg lifting
4. Coordinate opposite arms and leg lifting with attention to lifting on exhale and engaging belly

Foot Work
Supine, knees bent
Play with coming onto balls of feet and rocking back onto heals
Many Rounds

Hand to Big Toe Pose with Strap
Bend and straighting the Knee a bunch then allowing to to rock side to side, never a long hold to the side.

Leg Extension
Addition of Arms overhead as appropriate

Eye of the Needle Twist
Easy Spinal Twist

Roll to side and come to standing

("echo of the effort", lots of work down through the feet)

Chairs for Balance
Warrior 1 variation with Feet Straight Forward
Top of Foot Stretch
Hip Lifts
Repeat Top of Foot Stretch

Sit in Chairs
Easy Eye of the Needle
Seated Spinal Twists


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