Monday, November 24, 2008

SWG Sunday 10:00am

16 Peeps

Mostly men.  Today it was revealed that I need to spend more time on sitting comfortably.  Some other good questions were around the locking of the knees and how the back is "supposed to be".
The talk was Sutra 1.2.  The sequence was towards being steady with the movement.  Balance and Sacrum Awareness.

Sukhasana with Side Bending
Forward Fold over Crossed Legs

Slumpy Dandasana
Chest Press Dandasana

Sacrum Awareness with a little twisting

Transition to Standing

Uttanasana Play
(this allowed for some good questions today)

Shoulder Swings
Shoulder Shrugs
Rotation Awareness (Swamp Monster and Cactus)
Wise Guy Sequence

Ujayyi Pranayama

3 Easy Rounds of Lunge Salutes with YAM, HAM, OM and OM in between.
Tadasana in between as well.

Balance Play
Little Tree

Transition to Earth

Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose x 2
Knees to Chest

Easy Spinal Twist


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