Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yoga with My Brother 1

My little brother has moved in with us and agreed to start doing yoga. He insisted on privates, so that is how we are beginning.

While my little brother has not exercised much in the past several years, he has a grace and beauty that might not be expected.  He totally got the breath and movement coordination.  He is a super strong guy with big muscles.  So we went slow and easy so that we could get a sense of what works best.

This is what we did today:

Supine Windshield Wiper
Supported Heart Opener over bolster with Breath Awareness

All Fours
(My brother works with asthma.  The rounding action of Cat cut him off from his breath if held too long, so we kept it rhythmic).

Roll up to Standing

Ujayyi Pranayama
(we spent a lot of time on this)

1/4 Salutes
 3 Rounds Simple Lunge Salutes

Transition to Back
Eye of the Needle
Hamstring Stretch with Strap

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