Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stiff White Guys, Sunday @ 10

14 Peeps

The most beautiful day.  The sunrise light was unreal this morning.  So many different glows of pink towards the soft golden.  There are big puffy clouds in the sky and an unusually clear crisp breeze.  People arrived as soft as the light and as clear air.

Supine Heart Opener
Attention to Breath

Sukhasana Forward Fold
Sukhasana Easy Side Bend Sequence

Transition to Standing
Forward Fold

Roll up to Standing
Shoulder Shrugs
Shoulder Rotation Play
Swamp Monster/Cactus
Shoulder Shrugs

Wise Guy Sequence

Ujayyi Pranayama

4 Lunge Salute Sequences

Sun to Belly
Sphinx x 2
Locust x 2
Rocket Cat
Child's Pose

Transition onto Backs
On One Side:
Eye of the Needle
Happy Baby and Rock the Baby
(Repeat Other Side)

Easy Spinal Twist


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