Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Help of Ojai

I assisted Tucker this afternoon.  I mostly worked with one woman the entire time who is working with severe kyphosis and scoliosis.  

Tucker is so awesome.  She did something like this:

Supine with a blanket under the heart.
Shoulder Stretching.
Supine with blanket under lumbar spine.

Supine Arm Extension work.  (Reaching over and up with both arms to open up behind shoulder blades)
Hands to elbows and arms overhead.
Eagle Wrapping.
(Both Sides)

Easy Eye of the Needle Twist
Hamstring Stretching with Strap

Transition to Standing


Chair Work
Easy Prasaritta Padotanasana with Elbows on Chairs and Hip Circles

Getting up and down with Chair

Down Dog on Chair

Play with Warrior 1 with Chair

Seated Spinal Twists

Supported Savasana on blankets

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