Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stiff White Guys, Saturday 10:45

13 Peeps

Emphasis on breath, opening the front lines of the body and strengthening the back.  Lots of Lunges and baby backbends.  Talk on play of effort and ease.

Supported Heart Opener on Bolster
(emphasis on breath on 3 points in front spine)

Easy Sukhasana Forward Fold
(emphasis on breath in back of body)

Transition to Standing Forward Fold
Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Rolls
Easy Side Bend Sequence with emphasis on breathing into Lunges

Ujayyi Breathing
1/2 Salutes
2 rounds of simple lunge salutes to establish leg lines

2 rounds lunge salutes with crescent moon option, hamstring stretch and dog pose

Sun to Belly

Sphinx x 2
Low Cobra
Locust x 2

Roll onto backs
Knees to Chest
Eye of the Needle Both Sides

Easy Spinal Twist

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