Sunday, February 1, 2009

SWG Sunday 10:00am

18 peeps
Most women
Only a few men
5 Drop Ins.

The man who came last week and stepped out of his body suggested that maybe it was too dangerous for him to be in class. My usual response would have been to pretend that there was no problem and he should come. But instead I suggested that I might be nice for him to have a buddy. So he left and I felt surprisingly okay. The new older woman from last week came back. I was surprised.

One recent back surgery and one recent knee surgery. Class is slow paced.

Hand to Big Toe Pose with a Strap

Transition to All Fours
Childs Pose
Alana Sideliner
Childs Pose

Easy Side Plank Sequence
Childs Pose
All Fours to Standing Forward Fold
Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Openers
Strap Work
Wise Guy Sequence

Ujayyi Pranayama
3 Rounds Easy Lunge Salutes

Warrior 2 Dance Sequence x 2

Tree Pose Play

Transition to Belly
Sphinx x 2
Locust x 2
Rocket Cat
Childs Pose

Transition to Backs
Eye of the Needle Sequence to Happy Baby

Easy Spinal Twist

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