Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1:1 Tuesday

Met a new client yesterday.
64 year old man suffering the results of stress.
On medication but does not want to be.
I really enjoyed this session.
We played the yoga really straight.
I focused on sharing the physiological details of how the yoga works.
I took the time to invite him to feel into what he noticed after each exercise so that we could create a feedback loop.  It also got me thinking a lot about yoga and stress.

He came out of savasana totally delighted and wanting a prescribed program.
We agreed to a once a week session, the video at home and coming to a SWG class once a week.

Here is what we did:

Supine on a bolster
Attention to Breath
Step 1: Drawing awareness to the subtle top of the inhale and bottom of the exhale of the breath
Step 2: Focus on breathing into different regions (heart, mid torso and belly)

Note: He was not a chest breather, which is common for peeps under a lot of stress.  Infact, his chest barely moved at all.  The restriction is around his heart.  I chose not to say anything about this, but it guided me towards opening this area.

Hamstring Stretching at the Wall with Strap

Cat Cow and Childs Pose
Wall Dog x 2

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Opening at Wall
Forward Fold at Wall

Shoulder Opening with Strap
Shoulder Rotation Awareness

Wise Guy 

Ujayyi Pranayama

1/4 Salutes
2 Rounds Lunge Salutes

Transition to Earth 

Bridge Pose x 2
Eye of the Needle


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