Friday, February 20, 2009

Teaching Yoga, B Side: Day 1

10 Peeps and me gathered tonight for Day 1 of Teaching Yoga, B Side: Tuning to the Teacher Within. We are waiting for one more to join us tomorrow,

This training was first born last year about this time while practicing. I wondered how I could share the delight of self investigation, the skills of internal mapping and the capacity to hold the opposites.

I have been moving mountains within my family this month and have not had a moment to focus on getting ready.

But as the group gathered, as the sangha came together, I knew that I had very little to do.
The value of a family that loves each other is that a dynamic of open sharing is immediately created simply by coming together.

We opened with a Yin like practice.
Playing with sharing out loud what we were feeling.
Baddha Konasana
Cow Face or Box Pose
Uppavista Konasana
Revolving Head to Knee Pose "active"
Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose with Block
Viparitta Karni
Windshield Wiper



Sit for 10 minutes

Re introductions. Sharing why you are here and where you have been teaching.
I handed out the "workbooks".
Spent about 45 minutes responding the questions and sharing.

Ended on "What are the challenges that you are facing as a teacher?"
We shared.
This was an amazing moment.
Everyone put it out there on the table.
Total vulnerability and honesty.

And for the first time I found myself expressing what it means to be a "Lulu Bandha's" Teacher.
We are endeavoring to align within and allow our voices to come from this place as we try to hold the space for others to align with themselves. There is no script for this.

Sat and "mmmmm'ed"

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