Saturday, February 21, 2009

Teaching Yoga, B Side: Day 2

The focus today was practicing the art of internal mapping.

We arrived with a supine baddha konasana, or as Casey calls it, "Sleeping Butterfly".
Emphasis on the 2 less obvious parts of the breath and then the pelvis.
We then drew the pelvis. First from what might be in us, then from a rendering.
Then we drew the heart.
Then the cervical spine and skull.

This practice has helped me alot with grounding in and actually being able to speak about these parts of the body. There was a lot of fear around this exercise. And while I think everyone found it useful it has inspired me to "make them" do it again tomorrow. The most amazing thing to me was how small everyone drew. So I am hoping that I can find some Butcher Paper and we can trace ourselves and draw big.

We moved to a practice to help communicate what I mean by mapping.
the emphasis here on the importance of being able to create a true and actual container for your group to play in. Even if you KNOW that it is not ultimately the point, the specific techniques are incredibly useful and alive and real.

Very similar sequence that we have been doing in class lately.

Using the Wall and playing with the mechanical instructions and subtle instructions. I do my best in these trainings to pull the curtain away from what I am doing and why. We played with speaking out loud about what we are feeling.

Hamstring Work, balancing on one leg work, breathing down the back of the body and Tadasana mapping. I thought we might move towards Handstand, but the energy was much lower than that so we went towards Thigh Torture" and Upward Facing Bow and Legs up the Wall.

This led us all the way to the end.


Homework was answering those next 3 questions about mapping in the workbook.

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