Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tucker's Help of Ojai Class

13 Peeps
3 Brand New

I got to assist Tucker today.  She is so awesome.  She is continually teaching parts of LIFE.  Her style is to connect peeps with their life and show them moves they can do to assist in its navigation. 

Here is what she did
(I might not have the order quiet right)

Supine over a bolster vertical to spine, legs straight or knees bent.  (eventually knees wide and feet together for a few moments)

Supine without bolster, windshield wiper

Bolster or blanket under low back, horizontal to spine.  legs straight or knees bent, eventually knees wide and soles of feet together for a few moments.

Pelvic Awareness (Tucking under and rolling forward)

Supine Spinal Twists with Arm Movements

Hamstring Stretching
Foot Stretching

Transition to Standing

Get Chairs
Pelvis Movement on Chair
Sit bone Awareness (this was BRILLIANT)
Sitting up "Straight"
Getting up and Down from and to Chair

Calf Stretching at Wall with a modified warrior 3 play
Top of Foot Stretching at Wall
Balance Play with emphasis on reaching booty back
(all the way to lifting a knee in the air)

Put Chairs Back

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