Friday, February 6, 2009

Amber Robinson at Yoga Jones

I had the delight of attending Amber's Vinaysa class last night at Yoga Jones.

She has developed the sweetest style of offering a pattern and then allowing the members of the class to repeat it at their own pace and style. It is totally stunning that she has found a place of such spacious grace so early in her teaching. It takes immense confidence and trust to allow a room full of people to connect on their own without her telling them exactly how they should connect.

She had four patterns with transitional work and lots of flexibility in between regarding the vinyasas. I am writing this from memory this morning, so I might not have it exact.

We began seated.
Box Pose Side Stretch and Forward Fold (Both Sides with Slumpy Dandasana inbetween)

Transitional Movements

Pattern One From Dog
High Lunge
Low Lunge
Deep Hip Stretch

(Repeat Pattern One other side and then again on both sides)

Pattern Two
High Lunge
Twisting High Lunge
Reverse Prayer High Lunge
Warrior 3 with reverse Prayer
Standing Splits

(Repeat Pattern Two Other Side and then again on both sides)

Pattern 3
Side Plank
1/2 Wheel
Table Top
Spinal Twist
Back to All Fours

Repeat Pattern 3 Towards Other Side

Pattern 4
From All Fours
Crescent Moon
Deep Low Hip Opener

Repeat Pattern 4 the Other Side

Slowly Transition towards Savasana

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