Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help of Ojai

Tucker Adams let me sub her Help Class today.
Such an honor and treat.
I was super grateful and lucky to have Alana and Lisa there to assist.
They make everything move smoothly and easily. Also, at end of class, Alana had awesome feedback for me.

Supine with attention to breath.
Transition to Wall for Hamstring Stretching at Wall with Strap.
Transition to Standing.

Wall Work
Right Angle
Shoulder Blade Attention both Sides
Right Angle

Chair Work
Tailbone Awareness
Seated "Tadasana"

Standing Hand to Big Toe Pose modified with Chair (Alana told me a much better way to do this than we had done).

Eye of Needle in Chair
Forward Fold in Chair

Legs on Chair for Savasana

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