Sunday, February 22, 2009

SWG Sunday 10:00am

19 Peeps
Took advantage of more intimate "regular" group.
Mapping of the major currents in standing poses towards Tree

Supine Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose Stretch at Wall
Cat Cow

Easy Side Plank Both Sides

Wall Dog x 2

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Side Stretch @ Wall Both Sides 2x
Uttanasana at Wall in between

Wide Legged Pelvis Understanding and Forward Fold

Side Triangle Pose Both Sides @ Wall
Warrior 2 Dance to Warrior 2 Both Sides @ Wall
Side Angle Pose @ Wall Both Sides
(forward folding and tadasana between)

Little Tree Both Sides
Tree Both Sides

Transition to Earth
Windshield Wiper
Bridge x 2
Bridge with Brick
Easy Spinal Twist


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