Sunday, February 22, 2009

Teaching Yoga, B Side: Day 3

This has been so much fun. The group is so powerful. Today's lesson was inspired by the work yesterday. As we were drawing our internal anatomy, I was struck by how small everyone was drawing. So today we drew big.

Sat 15 minutes
Discussion around what we feel and experience sitting
"What you are Trying to Learn"
Some sharing and new stories

Then we rolled out the butcher paper and traced each other.
This then became our "map".
We brought it back to our mats.
We then did a Freeform practice for about 50 minutes, mapping what we felt, our internal energetics onto our "bodies"

This was so fun. Everyone seemed to really dig it. We then looked at each other's maps and did our best to feel what it was like to be that person.

Gathered and discussed.

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