Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help of Ojai Class, Wednesday @ 1:30pm

18 peeps
Alana assisted.

This is our Yoga for Elder class. I filmed this one so I look forward to making it available. We opened up all around the legs and moved towards little tree pose.

Supine on Bolsters for easy heart opener.

Windshield Wiper.
Pelvis awareness

Hamstring Stretching with a Strap

Supine Extension with Legs and Arms

Transition to a Side
Transition to Standing

Chair Sequence
Hip Awareness
Tailbone Awareness
Seated Eye of the Needle

Wide Leg Foreword Fold

2 Rounds Lunges
Wide Leg Foreward Fold

Utthita Tadasana

Little Tree Pose Both Sides

Legs on Chairs


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