Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Help Of Ojai Class

Today was the first class of our 6 Week Summer Yoga Session for Help of Ojai.  
Alana and I are co-teaching.  We decided to alternate and assist each other.   This first class was designed to start to establish some anatomical language and cuing and get to know the peeps. While there were many regulars, there were also lots of new peeps.  This is one of my favorite classes.  We had so much fun.

18 Peeps Today.

Supine Heart Opener on a Bolster with Blanket Folded to create head support.
Some experimentation with the leg position to find the most comfortable spot.

Attention to the Breath at the heart, the middle of the torso and the lower belly.

Transition off bolster and onto backs.

Windshield Wiper.
Pelvis Rocking.

Supine Extended Tadasana Play with emphasis on lengthening the front and back lines of the body.

Hamstring Stretching with a Strap.

Supine Extension with Leg Lifts.

Knees to Chest

Transition to Sides and eventually up to Standing.

Extended Mountain Pose.

Shoulder Opening:
- The Lebowski
- Rodeo Style with a Strap
- Behind the Back Shoulder Opener with Foreword Fold

Shoulder Opening at the Wall
Splat Pose with Foreword Fold x 2

Transition back to Earth

Windshield Wiper

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