Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am getting to learn that there is very little to do.  The magic of Yoga continues to overwhelm and amaze me.  And as long as I am willing to align and show up, everything happens that needs to.

Most people show up at a yoga private wanting something to do.  They want a fix for their hip pain, or a routine to lose weight or some breathing exercises that will help them sleep.  And if this level of interaction is what is appropriate then we can hold the space together and develop just that.  But very quickly, if allowed,  without even trying, the simple act of being present with each other reveals the deeper holding and allows the release to take place.

The last several sessions 1:1 I have had have totally humbled me.  The being that shows up is me. Their holding patterns around early hurt are exactly the same as mine.  Their defensive mechanism and the physical manifestation of that protection are exactly what I am discovering right now.  And they are so far beyond me in that they have been willing to cry, to open and to relax.  I seem to still be waiting for the opportunity.


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